Appliance packaging

Separately, we dwell on the packaging of equipment:

TVs and monitors should be wrapped with bubble wrap, then with corrugated cardboard, and the corners should be further strengthened. The screen will be protected by an additional sheet of cardboard, place it in the first layer, before the film.
If your refrigerator requires “defrosting”, take care of it in advance. Then take out all the containers, shelves, drawers – it is better to pack them separately. Fix the door – use paper adhesive tape for this. You can protect the walls with cardboard and film. Remember – the refrigerator is always transported in an upright position.
Small appliances should be wrapped in several layers of “bubbles”, then simply fold each item into a size box.
Wires, cables and other similar things should be optimally packed and transported together with the items to which they belong (television – with a TV, from a laptop – with a laptop).