How to disassemble the bed

Parsing a bed is a complex process that consists of several stages. First you need to disassemble the base of the structure but it’s best to immediately call local movers boston:

Remove all bolts and screws from it.
Carefully detach the side rails.
Take out and remove the slats.

After that, you can begin to parse the frame. The exact algorithm of actions depends on the bed model. Typically, the procedure includes:

unscrewing the screws between the frame and reinforcing panels;
detaching the slats and the support corner on which the base is located;
removal of self-tapping screws on metal corners;
removal of side walls, backs, center panel and remaining small parts.

Before disassembling the bed, you should read its assembly instructions: this will help to establish the exact algorithm of actions. If the documents are not preserved, but the product was bought from a major manufacturer, you can go to the website of this company. Many well-known companies (including IKEA) publish detailed assembly and disassembly instructions for each model on their web pages.

If this information is not available anywhere, you will have to disassemble the bed yourself. In this case, experts recommend taking pictures of the entire process and pointing out on the details where they were screwed. This will make the assembly process easier later on.