How to prepare furniture for shipping

Cabinets or racks that will not pass in height into an elevator or car should be disassembled before transportation. Be sure to label all the elements, mark the top and bottom, securely attach a tight bag with small fittings directly to the furniture. So for sure nothing will be lost, not mixed up, and in the new apartment there will be no problems in order to assemble the furniture correctly and as quickly as possible. After disassembly, wrap the individual parts with stretch film, the corners can be protected with cardboard or several layers of bubble wrap.
Chairs, cabinets, coffee tables, other medium-sized pieces of furniture in preparation for the move can not be disassembled, it is enough to unscrew the legs, handles and other protruding elements, if any. Put all the details side by side so as not to lose them on the move. Then just wrap with several layers of film.
The film will help protect upholstered furniture from moisture or dust. Additional protection for corners, individual parts or legs – cardboard, special “corners” or several layers of bubble wrap.
For dismantling, packing and preparing for moving built-in furniture or furniture with a complex structure, it is best to invite professionals.