How to transport jewelry when moving

We will not open America if we say that one of the biggest problems when moving with is transporting valuable property and especially jewelry.

In this regard, our first recommendation is to make sure that the jewelry always travels with you in your personal vehicle. Never pack jewelry, important documents, or items of special value in boxes with other items. Of course, you should pack them as best as you can, but never lose sight of them. Obviously, you will have to pay special attention to their transportation so that they reach their destination in perfect condition without any damage. But remember: you must transport them personally.

Here are some tips to help you transport your jewelry easily and neatly.

We strongly recommend that you prepare a list of all the items in each package so that at your destination you will know exactly which box is in which. Maintaining order is very important during a move, which is why we always advise taking inventory to clearly know the location of each item. In the case of jewelry, precautions will not be superfluous. Make a list so you know where each of them lies and whether they are all under supervision.

Transparent fabric storage bags can be used to separate each valuable item separately. In addition, this type of packaging allows you to visualize where each product is located. Therefore, it is advisable to put valuables in such bags – they will also perform a protective function and help valuables reach their destination safe and sound.
If you still have the original packaging, you can put some tissue paper in it to prevent items from shaking and reduce the risk of scratches and other damage.
Opt for small boxes so that cases or jewelry bags do not hang around inside.
You can also use bubble wrap to further insulate your valuables from any accidental incidents.
If there is free space left in the boxes, fill the voids with some kind of filler, for example, cotton wool or any soft paper, as an option – tissue paper.
Once valuable items are packed, you can place them in an empty shoe box or rigid jewelry box where there are no empty spaces to avoid possible movement of items inside, and therefore friction, scratches and damage.

Jewelry and accessories that do not have too much value can be transported in the standard way with the rest of your belongings and furniture. These items may have some personal and sentimental value, but they don’t run the same risk as more expensive luxury items. The professionals at the moving company will take care of packing your valuables into boxes and transporting them.

But, we repeat, do not forget about the main thing – it is always better to transport jewelry and valuables by personal vehicles and not leave them unattended.

However, if you need to transport a work of art or another very valuable item that, due to its large size or for other reasons, you cannot transport on your own, the ideal solution is to contract special insurance that covers the cost of this particular item.