Moving with Munchkins: Keeping It Cool with Kids on Board

Moving day’s with coming up and you’ve got kiddos in the mix? No worries! Making the big move a breeze for the little ones is all about turning the “big scary change” into an “awesome family adventure.” Let’s dive in.

1. Talk It Up
Start with a family pow-wow. Talk about the move like it’s the next big family adventure. Answer their questions, even the silly ones.

2. Scout It Out
If possible, take the kiddos to see the new place before the move. Let them pick their rooms, and maybe daydream about where the new toy fort will go.

3. Memory Lane
Help them say goodbye to the old house. Throw a little goodbye party for the rooms. Take photos for the memory box.

4. Busy Boxes
Pack a special “busy box” for each child with their favorite toys, a couple of snacks, and maybe a new coloring book. It’s their personal treasure chest for D-day.

5. Kid-Friendly Packing
Get the kids involved in packing. Give them their own little boxes and a stack of stickers to decorate them. It’s like arts and crafts, but with a purpose.

Happy parents and their children carrying their belongings in carton boxes while moving into a new apartment. Focus is on kids.

6. Keep the Routine
Stick to the regular routine as much as possible. Same meal times, same bedtime stories. It’s like an anchor in the sea of moving chaos.

7. The Essentials Bag
Pack an essentials bag for the first night. Pajamas, toothbrush, Mr. Snuggles, and the magic night light. All the must-haves for a comfy first night.

8. Moving Day Fun
Consider a sitter for moving day to keep the kids off the front lines, or set up a special “kids zone” away from the action. Load it with games, snacks, and maybe a movie marathon.

9. New Room, New Fun
Let them set up their room first. It gives them a safe, organized space amidst the boxes and the busy.

10. Explore Together
Once you’re in, explore the new neighborhood together. Find the park, the ice cream shop, and other fun spots. It’s like being tourists in your own town.

11. Keep the Praise Coming
Praise their help and how well they’re handling the move. Kids love being the hero of the day.

12. Stay Positive
Keep a positive vibe. Kids can smell stress and worry like they can smell cookies. So, fake it till you make it.

Moving with kids is a bit like a circus juggling act, but with these tips, you’ll be the ringmaster in no time. Here’s to the first of many happy days in your new home sweet home!