Shoe storage in the apartment: how you can and how exactly not to

After moving with it is best to store shoes in pairs – this is natural, but far from obvious, when storage space is scarce. If the area under shoes is quite modest, you can use wall organizers, where each compartment holds one pair. You can store only clean shoes – never put in a shoebox even slightly damp shoes or sneakers with lumps of dirt – from the dampness will go mold, and from the dirt you can not wash shoes at all, as it is very quickly absorbed into the material. Another important rule – do not put a pair of shoes on top of each other – natural and artificial materials are deformed so that later you can not straighten them, shoes will lose their shape and appearance. The best way – is a separate box or separate tier for each pair.

Observe the storage conditions – the room should be constantly ventilated, there should not be excessive humidity, the shoes should not be exposed to direct sunlight, and the temperature in the storage room should be above +10-12 degrees Celsius. That is why it is not recommended to store shoes in winter on the balcony or loggia – lacquered or leather, they can crack and spoil. Storage of summer shoes in winter is better organized in rooms, a pantry or use a storage service.