Why furniture is not in the garage, but in the warehouse

Most often, the need to temporarily store property (furniture, personal items) arises when people move with https://www.flashmoving.net/local-moving/ or make repairs:

• You don’t want to bring furniture from your old home with you, but you have nowhere to put it.
• you expect a long renovation throughout the apartment.
• you need to move out of the old apartment, and the new tenants have not vacated the new one yet.
• you bought furniture on occasion and there is no place to store it.

And the “extra” furniture is dismantled and taken out to the balcony, and if its area is not enough, they are taken to the garage or to the dacha.

Of course, storing furniture (both upholstered and cabinet) in such unsuitable places is very risky. Why?

It’s all about storage conditions. Any furniture requires certain conditions, at least it is temperature and humidity.⠀
The optimal temperature value is considered to be 10-25 degrees (more precisely, you can find out in the instructions for a particular piece of furniture or from the manufacturer), while it is necessary to ensure a constant temperature without sudden changes.
Normal humidity is very important. The maximum allowable value is 70%, the lower limit is 40%. Keep in mind that not only high humidity is dangerous – the furniture will “pick up” excess moisture from the air, become damp, mold or fungus will appear, cabinet furniture may be deformed. But also reduced – here the main danger for chipboard, wood and other materials that can exfoliate when dried.
An additional risk factor is direct sunlight. Under their action, upholstery, textile inserts, varnish coating, decorative films may suffer.

Therefore, if you value furniture and plan to use it in the future, you should not subject it to such tests!

It is better to pay attention to the service of temporary storage in a warehouse. It is not only safe for property, but also convenient – experts will disassemble the furniture, carefully pack it, take it to the warehouse and, at your request, return it back. You don’t even have to go to the warehouse!